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  • Overall experience with Ice Dams Removed was EXCELLENT! The Ice Dam Removal was timely and thorough!
    C. Bauer
  • Very Good Job To The Team At Ice Dams Removed! I recommended your Ice Dam Removal Services to friends. Thank You!
     R. Tonueci
  • Water threatened our home. We needed swift action, I called two other Twin Cities-based Ice Dam removal companies, no answer and not even a call back from my voicemail! Ice Dams removed answered on the second ring and was able to fit us in the next day. These companies are in high demand and these guys came through. Dam removal was swift and efficient, and he went the extra mile to check the opposite side of the house and saw it was going to be a problem soon enough. He offered to do that as well and completed it within the original quoted time frame. I was glad to find a local company that could come through for me in the clutch. The emergency service was worth the cost.

    Kyle M.

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